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40-hour training program

The LRC serves the staff members, offering access to up-to-date resources for language learning and skills improvement through guided self-study.

Any staff member wishing to improve his/her language skills can benefit from the services of the LRC. You have a 40-hour credit you can spread freely during your working hours all throughout the year. This is framed into a personnel training plan managed by HR – Continuing Training. You are also to use the online resources anytime outside of your working hours.

We are on hand to help you organize your work and advise you in choosing appropriate resources for your needs.


Get your manager’s and Olivia Giusti’s approval to follow your 40-hour training program.

Book an appointment with Johnahton Ratcliffe to set up your learning path. Different combinations are possible according to your needs.

Finalise your sign-up process and confirm your level with an initial placement test organized by Johnathon during the first appointment.

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