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SpeakEasy Sessions

SpeakEasy Sessions
The Language Resource Center offers SpeakEasy services in English and French, to help you improve or maintain you language skills.

SpeakEasy in English (Small Group)

Our English coach, is here to help you with your spoken English through one-hour conversation sessions. You will be able to talk about various topics and share your points of view by practicing your English during each session. A minium level of B1 is required.

Interested? Send an email to language-center@hec.fr

SpeakEasy in French (One-2-One)

Engage in 30-minute conversations with our French coach, who is eager to help you improve your speaking skills. You will be able to get a better accent, have your grammatical mistakes corrected, gain some useful daily life expressions, and become more confident in speaking French. A minium level of B1-B2 is required. 

Sessions completed for academic year 23-24. The activity will resume in the next academic year. 

Interested in improving your speaking skills in other language?

Check-out our One-2-One Language Exchange Program and find your perfect match!