Speakeasy. English and French Conversation.


Talking about leisure, hobbies or hot topics in your language learning, for your oral expression, guarantees progress!
Speakeasy sessions are conducted in group limited to 8 people.  They are led by a native and/ or a profesor of the designated language with whom you can talk about various subjects.
Help with grammar, vocabulary and expressions is given at the end of the session.
Speakeasy sessions are aimed at a public of intermediate (B1/B2) to advanced (B2/C1) level. The sessions take place in the Speakeasy room (near the Language Resource Center).


« The Speakeasy sessions help me to improve my French as well as understand French culture in general. Moreover, it is a great way to meet with other students and better understand French as spoken by non-francophone people.

I would recommend Speakeasy because it is practical and also for the fact that you can speak with constant feedback from French native speakers. »

Yongyou T. (China), M2 Student Grande École.
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Speakeasy – French

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Speakeasy – English

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