Lunch and Learn. English lunches.



Discover your colleagues differently. Enjoy exchanging with your colleagues in English during your meal, it really combines business and pleasure!


The concept is very simple, English is the language to use no matter what the subject is. Participants can be either learners (intermediate B1/B2 to advanced C1/C2 levels) or native speakers.
Lunch and Learn events take place during lunch time (from 12 noon to 1 pm) at a table especially reserved in the Staff Restaurant.


An English professor animates this activity and emails you vocabulary and other explanations afterwards…


« I participate in the English lunches up to twice a week, freely, according to my availabilities. The sign up process is very simple. This activity allows me to encounter different colleagues over lunch and the conversation, always in English is framed by a welcoming and humoristic teacher. Thanks to this activity, I can get to know other departments’ staff while improving my oral comprehension and expression in English; we cover different topics suggested by the participants themselves. This is a great way to get immersed and practice a language on regular basis»

Nicolas D. (France), HEC Staff Member.
Lunch and Learn – English
  • Mondays* starting at 12 pm (any levels) – every week
  • Thursdays* starting at 12 pm (any levels) – every week

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This activity is now over for the 2018-2019 academic year.



* Excluding academic vacations


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