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To help you in your job search, internships or first job in France or abroad, we can help you by proofreading linguistically your resume and cover letter.

Writing a resume and/ or cover letter in a language that is different from your mother tongue? The Language Resource Center offers to help you by proofreading the language content (spelling mistakes, grammar errors, etc)​ of your application documents in English, French and other languages (according to availability).​
Your level should be between B1 and C1*. If it is below this, please feel free to contact us to learn about the different resources to improve your level.
If your level is C2 and you require support, you will need to specify your particular needs.
* According to the C.E.F.R. grid






This service is 100% online and is exclusively open to HEC Campus students.



The e-CV Clinic service will be closed from April 22 to 26, 2019



How does it work?

#1 You write your resume and/or cover letter
#2 Send your document(s) to language-center@hec.fr
#3 Within 7 days maximum*, one of our consultants will get back to you with any corrections and/or suggestions


Following these exchanges, you can still request an individual appointment if necessary


* Except during academic vacations

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