100% Online – Touchstone. English e-learning.


The Cambridge platform to work on your English that offers a rich and immersive online environment which provides complete instruction and practice.

Flexible learning, proven results.


For whom? For staff members, this platform is accessible within the continuing training offer (under conditions).
Where/ When? Either at the Language Resource Center (HEC Campus or HEC Champerret site) or wherever you want and from any computer. The platform is accessible 7/24h.
How? As a member of the staff, sign up to the Language Resource Center Continuing Training offer. After validation from the Human Resources Department, you get your activation code and then you connect to the platform for as much time as you need during a 12-month period (starting from first connection). Note that a minimum of 20 hours must be carried out.
Why? Work on your English thanks to a worldwide recognized method. The online course, which includes the online workbook, allows for a fully-flexible solution and is carefully scaffolded to develop language ability in gradual steps so that you can work at your own pace. You can also access communicative activities to build confidence and improve fluency.

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