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Workshop: Diversity at work

Workshop: Diversity at work

Where am I in my intercultural environment?

Following the recent Conference “Experiencing Interculturality at HEC”, the HRD, the S&O Institute and the LRC organized an intercultural workshop moderated by Karen Roustan Delatour, aiming to:

  • Understand our differences and see them as the strength of our community rather than a source of discomfort
  • Remove tensions and stress related to the complexity of our intercultural environment and enable everyone to share their perspectives and feelings
  • Facilitate the sharing of experiences and develop intercultural skills
  • Integrate all members of the HEC community regardless of their cultures and facilitate their communication

The first workshop “Diversity at work: where am I in my intercultural environment “, held at the LRC on July 1st 2021, had a practical and concrete approach, and helped us:

  • Understand different cultures through the eight dimensions of Erin Meyer’s “The Culture Map”
  • Place ourselves on the scale of different dimensions
  • Outline the wished cultural working environment
  • Become an actor of diversity & inclusion at HEC

>The second workshop is coming soon! Stay tuned!


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