TOEFL®ITP Preparation – Training & Mock test

Need to get ready for TOEFL® ITP test? We are here to help you achieve your goal. At the Language Resource Center, we offer you different ways to work on your TOEFL preparation in order to maximize your score!

Online practice to boost your score with

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TOEFL® ITP 6-DAY Intensive LRC Dynamic Program

For whom: Students physically on campus (the booklet guide is to be picked up at the Language Resource Center but the learning path can be done partially from anywhere)

Length of time: 6 days

Count of sessions: 6 sessions

Guided self-study: 4 sessions

Practice test: 2 sessions

MUST DO: Take a TOEFL® ITP Mock Test under real exam conditions

Tips and guidelines for the real exam day

Mock Test
Day Date Location Session AM Session PM Sign-up Deadline Sign-up link
Monday 21-September LRC 10am-12.30pm 2.30pm-5pm 11-September Sign-up
Monday 2-November LRC 10am-12.30pm 2.30pm-5pm 18-October Cancelled (Covid19)
Monday 30-November LRC 10am-12.30pm 2.30pm-5pm 19-November Cancelled (Covid19)
Monday 1-February LRC 10am-12.30pm 2.30pm-5pm 24-January Cancelled (Covid19)
Monday 15-March LRC 10am-12.30pm 2.30pm-5pm 04-March Sign-up
Monday 10-May LRC 10am-12.30pm 2.30pm-5pm 25-April Sign-up
Monday 14-June LRC 10am-12.30pm 2.30pm-5pm 30-May Sign-up

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