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TOEFL ITP Assessment Series ®TOEFL007

The ITP TOEFL® is the usual format used at HEC within the curriculum. There are generally two sessions per academic year (in September and in March).
The ITP TOEFL® is a paper test and uses only academic content to assess mastery of the English language of non-native English speakers. The test enables students to gain confidence in the ability to deal with English in an academic setting. All questions are multiple choice and candidates respond by completing an answer sheet. The test assesses skills in three areas:
  • Listening Comprehension assesses the ability to understand spoken English as used in universities and higher education institutions
  • Structure and Written Expression evaluates the recognition of structure and grammar points selected in standard written English
  • Reading Comprehension assesses the ability to read and understand academic texts in English


Number of questions
Listening comprehension 50 35 minutes
Structure and written expression 40 25 minutes
Reading comprehension 50 55 minutes
TOTAL 140 115 minutes


Scoring analysis

The tests are not based on a pass mark. However, at HEC Paris, you must have a score of at least 600 to be considered to have passed the test.
Gross scores are converted into scaled scores to provide comparable scores whatever the version of the test.
  • Listening Comprehension (Listening), raw scores: 31-68
  • Structure and Written Expression, scaled scores: 31-68
  • Reading section (Reading), scaled scores: 31-68
  • Scaled scores from 310 to 677 points
  • Scores correlated to levels A2 to C1 of the CEFR


Minimum score
 CEFR levels
627 points Experienced user – Autonomous C1
543 points Experienced user – Advanced B2
460 points Independent user – threshold level B1
337 points Independent user – Intermediate A2

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