L.R.C. presentation

Since 1995, the Language Resource Center has served students and staff, providing access to resources regularly updated for the learning and development of languages ​​in guided self- training.
Unique on campus, this facility ​​offers material and resources freely available to make your experience as pleasant as it is useful!
Assistants are on hand to help you organize your work and advise you in choosing appropriate resources for your needs.


Computers with linguistic methods and audiovisual equipment, text books, audio CDs and films, all this in a calm environment where you can work in the best conditions.


Key figures



800 DVDs
in 17 languages



550 CD/DVD-ROMs and audio-CD
in 23 languages


1,000 Text books (test preparation, assessment tests, business language, grammar, etc.)
in 24 languages
24 languages available


Flag_ARA001 Arabic Flag_BUL001 Bulgarian Flag_CHI001 Chinese Flag_CZE001 Czech Flag_DAN001 Danish
Flag_ENG001 English Flag_FIN001 Finnish Flag_FRE001 French Flag_GER001 German Flag_GRE001 Greek
Flag_HEB001 Hebrew Flag_HIN001 Hindi Flag_HUN001 Hungarian Flag_ITA001 Italian Flag_JAP001 Japanese
Flag_NOR001 Norvegian Flag_POL001 Polish Flag_POR001 Portuguese Flag_ROM001 Romanian Flag_RUS001 Russian
Flag_SVK001 Slovak Flag_SVN001 Slovenian Flag_SPA001 Spanish Flag_SWE001 Swedish

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