One-2-One. Language exchange program.



The One-2-One is for two persons a great opportunity to encounter and share their language, culture and learning.


Learn languages thanks to native speakers.

Thanks to the One-2-One, you can practice your French and English, revise your German, learn Chinese or discover Portuguese with students coming from the world’s most prestigious universities like Wharton, Mannheim, Fudant, or Getulio Vargas!
Two persons of different mother tongues commit themselves to meeting on a regular basis to help each other improve their foreign language.
All this is happening in total autonomy because it is up to you to decide how often, where you meet, as well as the subjects of conversation and mode of correction.

The One-2-One… for which advantages?

The main point of this program is meeting with people who study, work on campus and with whom you can share his/ her native language. It is also an excellent way to better understand a country (lifestyle, traditions, values, etc.) and above all improve your oral expression in your learning language.
Speaking with native speakers on any topics you can imagine this an ideal method to acquire new vocabulary. While your language partner speaks, you can ask any unknown vocabulary/ expressions.

What methodology to use to make the most of the program?

At the end of each One-2-One session, you can make small informal review giving feedback to your partner and listing new words, phrases, grammar points, etc. Or you can record your conversation to be able to listen to it again.
We advice you to keep a learning journal that will allow you to memorize what you have experienced linguistically during he session and sets new targets for the next session.

How can the first session start?

For some of us, it can be hard to start conversing with someone on the first meeting.
To facilitate the first contact, we made a small guide with some subjects you can deal with during the first conversation. Do not hesitate printing it and using is as you want.

Download the « Some topics of conversation » guide

They are speaking about it…


« It was a surprise to receive the matching result and to learn that there is someone who has the same language mix as I have on campus. It would take me probably 10 parties to finally meet a Spanish teacher, but it only took an email with the help of the Language Center. My partner is nice, the best salsa dancer in HEC, and the stories he had when he explored the globe are always attractive. We started to do language-sessions adapted to our time schedules, we talked and wrote things done, we correct each other … which is more than fantastic. »

 Sentao W. (China), Grande École M1 student.


« Signing up to the language exchange was one of the best decisions I could have taken at HEC. I was struggling to find people who wanted to do language exchanges, and the HEC language center found someone for me in a matter of days. My partner is kind, patient and an absolutely fantastic mandarin teacher (and also a great cook!) The experience is buoying my interest in Chinese culture and language and provides me with a friendly opportunity to practice my Mandarin on a regular basis. I would definitely recommend it to anyone who is learning a language or anyone who is curious about meeting someone coming from a different culture. »

 Rodrigo G. (Spain), Grande École MSc student.


Since its creation, in September 2013, One-2-One has already helped more than 500 pairs of language-learners to progress.


How does it work?

Whether you are a student, staff member, professor or intern, you can sign up to the One-2-One.
#1 I sign up online
#2 After my profile verification, a confirmation of registration is sent to me over email
#3 As soon a person who wants to practice my mother tongue in exchange of speaking with me my learning language, the website administrator put us in contact
#4 Then, all possibilities are gathered to build a real win-win relationship with this tandem whether it is for some weeks, several months or a whole life

Sign up

Your personal data (family name, first name and email address) will be used to find you a One-2-One partner. After a 6-month period, your registration will be automatically deleted from our data basis. If you want to continue to benefit from the One-2-One, you might want to sign up again. At any moment, you can choose to withdraw your registration by sending an email to

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