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You can access the L.R.C. up to 40 hours a year to improve your language skills!
The Language Resource Center serves the staff members, offering access to up-to-date resources for language learning and skills’ improvement through guided self-study.
The multimedia work space, dedicated to languages, is well equipped with devices and resources for your experience to be as pleasant as it is useful!  Assistants are on hand to help you organize your work and advise you in choosing appropriate resources for your needs.
Computers and TV sets are all equipped with headsets. You will find language learning resources selected among the best sellers available on the market.  A collection of audio/ video materials and films in original version is available in a quiet environment for you to work in the best conditions.
Either as member of the staff or professor, accessing the Language Resource Center is framed into a personnel training plan managed by the Human Resources – Continuing Training.


Any staff member wishing to improve his/her language skills can benefit from the services of the Language Resource Center.
In the first place, a placement test is meant to be taken to check your level, and then every 12 months  to assess your progression.
You have a 40-hour credit you can spread freely all throughout the year (from 1 January to 31 December) from the time slots available (download 2019 opening hours’ calendar).
For Free Mode, use the resources of your choice in order to progress in a language at your own pace and limits you set yourself.  We are available to advise you at any time during your learning.  You can also get a personalized learning path to accurately adapt your training to your needs.
With the Dynamic Programs mode (English only), access a complete offer of 10 topics of guided self-study paths, taking into account your goals and your level.
Topics available: Business EnglishCulture and Reading Skills, English from Cinema, Everyday English, Grammar and Structures, Listening PracticePreparing for the TOEIC®, Spoken English in Use, Vocabulary Building and Writing Office English.
Each course contains 10 training visits and enables you to work on media and various methods selected depending on the chosen theme.
In addition, we provide you with a learning booklet that will guide you throughout your module and which you can also use to take notes.


« I have been faithful to the Language Resource Center for several years and I have chosen to work with the Dynamic Programs that allow me to study at my own rhythm thanks to various themes such as everyday English, grammar, culture, etc. Above all, I love the flexibility and varied approach of the formula.

With no hesitation, I would recommend the center to my colleagues because it is an excellent way to improve language skills at the workplace. Thanks to frequent visits, I recently upgraded from intermediate level to advanced level. »

Sylvie B. (France), HEC Staff Member.



Thanks to 100% Online mode, benefit from all the possibilities of digital materials to make your language learning more complete. Courses, exercises, tests, vocabulary lists, games, forums, etc.
Various are the functionalities of an e-learning platform! This product is only available for French as foreign language and for English (general and TOEIC® preparation).
At the L.R.C., oral/ written comprehension, grammar, vocabulary, both general and business language skills can be improved significantly depending on the frequency of your visits and the chosen formula.
To maximize your spoken English and/or French, the Speakeasy sessions and Lunch and Learn are one of the activities which are scheduled throughout the year especially for staff members which you can participate in at will!

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Since the Language Resource Center was set up for the staff Continuing Training plan, in January 2014, up to 10,000 hours have been carried out.
Whether you are a staff member or professor, you can sign up to the Language Resource Center for your 2019 language training.

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