e-Language Resource Center

It is a selection of online resources, most are accessible 24h a day from any location including your own computer, tablet or smartphone.



DELTA is a blended learning resource (face-to-face/web 2.0) in French as a foreign language, designed to support Université Paris-Saclay’s international students throughout their studies in terms of academic skills and methodology, taking a fully intercultural approach.

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This MOOC in intermediate B1/B2 French is designed for international students who want to study in France. The course helps students discover the French higher education system and life in France through French culture, literature, films, etc.

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Agora Paris-Saclay is a participatory media and community platform where students from Université Paris-Saclay can publish articles, videos, podcasts, etc. about their activities, thoughts, creations and experiences, for all their peers to enjoy.

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An e-portfolio for independent learning that allows students to showcase their work online, self-assess their skills, collaborate on group projects, and keep all their work files accessible (audio, video, images, etc.).

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Try the online immersion.1ère photo-400x225

You can access a multitude of functionalities:
  • 7 languages ​​available
  • Adaptive level test (once a month if desired)
  • Daily and professional vocabulary
  • International news and quizzes

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Connect live with native speakers.

SpeakShake is a video-calling platform to help you practice  a foreign language in tandem through semi-guided conversations.
As an HEC community member (student, staff member, professor), you can test the platform thanks to 3 free trial-conversations.

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