Admission exams. Access the L.R.C.

« Admissibles »…

The Language Resource Center is open for you during all the entry exams period.

Unique on campus, the Language Resource Center. aims at providing students with an environment favorable to the self-improvement of foreign language and culture skills.
During the admission exams period, the L.R.C. is exclusively open for the eligible students.
The oral language exams (texts and audio) are consultable and downloadable!
The actual subjects for language oral exams for over the past 5 years are available either for LV1 and LV2. The documents are in .pdf format for text and .mp3 for audio.

Over 8 languages are available…

Flag_ARA001 Arabic CD001 Book001
Chinese Book001 Not available
Flag_ENG001 English Book001  CD001 Book001
Flag_GER001 German Book001 CD001 Book001
Flag_ITA001 Italian CD001 Book001
Portuguese  CD001  Book001
Flag_RUS001 Russian CD001 Book001
Flag_SPA001 Spanish
CD001 = Audio available Book001 = Texts available











Why visiting the L.R.C. during the Admission exams?


#1 Get better prepared for oral exams
#2 Work in a quiet environment
#3 Make use of the equipment and material available
#4 Watch one of our 800 DVDs


Opening hours during Admission exams

The Language Resource Center will be open
Monday to Friday
9 am to 6 pm
Saturday and Sunday
1 pm to 6 pm



Find us on campus


The L.R.C. is located in the L Building (uppermost floor) above the Medical Center.
It is located near the Gymnasium (M building).

Click here to download the campus map


Do you have any questions or need personalized assistance to prepare your visit during Admission exam period to the Language Resource Center?
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